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One month after graduating with the offshore engineering track in EWEM, I started my industrial PhD at Rambøll Wind in Hamburg, Germany. My PhD project deals with the end-of-life decision of (offshore) wind turbines. Can operators extend the operation of wind turbines which reach the end of their design lifetime (typically 20 years)? This question is a hot topic in industry & academics currently – and the EWEM program prepared me best for the challenge. I apply knowledge gained in courses like Structural Dynamics, Load Identification and Offshore Wind Energy on a daily basis. A large benefit from my studies is: I already “saw how the wind blows” in the offshore wind industry due many valuable contacts that I gained through the EWEM network.

EWEM not only means studying at three universities (which is a worthwhile experience itself!) – it also means being part of group of students from all over the world that binds together more and more every day. The international experience is worth the struggle of moving your life every 6 month to another location for sure. For now, I am looking forward to settle down in Hamburg for a while. But when I tell you that I can’t wait to return to NTNU in Norway for a PhD secondment next year, you know how much I enjoyed any minute of this international master degree in offshore wind energy.


Lisa Ziegler

Industrial PhD at Ramboll Wind & Towers.
Hamburg, Germany.
EWEM track: Offshore Engineering

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