Career opportunities

Wind energy jobs in Europe are expected to grow from the current 200.000 to 450.000 by 2020. The global growth will be even faster. Global Wind Energy jobs are expected to double every 10 years. The technological demands of larger wind turbines, wind farms,  penetration in the electricity grid, increasing of the complexity and the required performance need  new solutions.

Therefore, graduates with an MSc in Wind Energy have outstanding career opportunities. As a graduate, you are on the leading edge of this very new, exciting and expanding field. EWEM prepares these graduates for a career both in industry and in academia.

The relevant of the vast network of EWEM associated partners guarantees that students and graduates have a high visibility with the largest players in Wind Energy.
For further information over the growth of the Wind Energy Industry, visit the EWEM associated partner EWEA:

EWEM cooperates with the most relevant wind energy partners, ranging wind energy associations, wind turbine manufacturers, (offshore) wind farm developers, R&D institutions, utilities and other players in the wind energy value chain.  These partners also offer graduates opportunities to start a career in the Wind Energy sector.

In addition, an EWEM graduate receives a double diploma in wind energy and engineering , awarded by two of the host universities. Therefore career prospects  in the following sectors are also possible: Aerospace Engineering, Physics, Offshore engineering,  Renewable Energy, Energy Systems, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc.

Our current graduates have found positions in companies and institutions like Siemens, Dong, Van Oord, Eneco, Keppel Verolme, Meteopole, ROMO, DTU, NTNU, RWTH Aachen, the University of Oldenburg, and many others.