Offshore Engineering

The Offshore Engineering student is required to accomplish a minimum of 30 ECTS per semester by taking mandatory as well as elective courses. Students need to get the approval of their complete course list by the track coordinators of both universities awarding the degree. An overview of the courses offered within the Offshore Engineering track is provided below.

Note: the listed electives courses only represent a recommendation. Students are always invited to check the elective courses available at their universities and ask for permission to join any elective of their choice.

30 ECTS courses @DTU

Click here to find information about the courses at DTU.

Mandatory ECTS
46300 Wind Turbine Technology and Aerodynamics 10
46211 Offshore Wind Energy 10
41111 Hydrodynamics 2 5
41224 Linear Wave Dynamics 5
46100 Introduction to Micrometeorology for Wind Energy 5
46500 Probabilistic Methods in Wind Energy 5
11464 Advanced Soil Mechanics 5

30 ECTS courses @TU Delft

The 2nd semester at the TU Delft is divided in two quarters. Click here to find information about the courses at the TU Delft.

3rd Quarter
Mandatory ECTS
CIE4140 Dynamics of structures 4
OE44120 Offshore Wind Farm Design 4
OE44030 Offshore Geotechnical Engineering 4
OE44115 Arctic Engineering 4
4th Quarter
OE44100 Floating Structures & Offshore Moorings 6
OE44095 Bottom Founded Structures 6
OE44135 Offshore Wind Support Structures 4
OE44055 Load Identification and Monitoring of Structures 4
OE44085 Fatigue & Fracture in Marine Structures 5
CIE4362 Soil Structure Interaction 3
CIE5340 Soil Dynamics 4


15 ECTS courses + 15 ECTS thesis/specialization project @NTNU

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Mandatory ECTS
TMR4590 Wind Turbine Energy – Offshore Engineering, Specialization Project* 15
TMR4505 Marine Structures, Specialization Course** 7.5
AT-327 Arctic Offshore Engineering 7.5
TMR4190 Finite Element Methods in Structural Analysis 7.5
TMR4215 Sea Loads 7.5
TMR4305 Advanced Analysis of Marine Structures 7.5
TMR4525 Marine Hydrodynamics, Specialization Course 7.5
TMR4235 Stochastic Theory of Sea Loads 7.5
TMR4200 Fatigue and Fracture of Marine Structures 7.5
TBA4116 Geotechnical Engineering, Advanced Course 7.5
TMM4195 Fatigue design 7.5
BA8304 Soil modeling (Ph.D. course)*** 10
*The Specialization Project for EWEM students is part of the thesis project.
**Two modules of 3,75 ECTS each(or one of 7.5+ ECTS) shall be selected.
***This course is only taught once every two years.
Besides the 7.5 ECTS courses offered at the NTNU, there is the alternative of combining two 3.75 ECTS courses into what is called a Specialization module.


30 ECTS thesis (free mobility)

Compulsory TU Delft
OE54030 Thesis 30
Compulsory NTNU
TMR5950 Wind Turbine Energy – Offshore Engineering, Master Thesis 30
** The master thesis is supervised by the two diploma awarding universities and it is worth 45 ECTS. At both NTNU  and TU Delft the thesis work is split in two parts. NTNU: TMR 4590  Wind Turbine Energy – Offshore Engineering, Specialization Project 15 ECTS + TMR 5950 Master Thesis 30 ECTS. TU Delft: OE54015 Problem Analysis Thesis 15 ECTS + OE54030 Thesis 30 ECTS.
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