EWEM Summer School 2016Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The third EWEM Summer School was a very nice experience and opportunity for the EWEM students. It was held in The Netherlands during the days 15-16-17th of June 2016.

The first two days we went to the Dutch Wind Days in Rotterdam, where students could get insight in the state of the art of wind energy in Europe and have interesting conversations about the future of wind energy in the global market.

Economics and finances of wind energy were the keywords of the morning of the third day. We had two interesting lectures and a case study in a lecture hall of the Civil Engineering faculty of the TU Delft, by two companies that kindly visited us to share his experience and knowledge. Firstly we had a lecture given by Remco Verzijlbergh, cofounder of Whiffle, a startup based in the Yes!Delft building that aims to be able to improve weather forcasting and wind resource assessment. Their moto is Weather finecasting for a good reason. After the lecture they proposed a very interesting case study about market segmentation. Secondly, we had a lecture by Tobias van Baarsen from Green Giraffe about the importance of finances in the big offshore wind projects. Green Giraffe is a financial advisory company that has participated in many of the most important offshore wind energy projects in Europe.

In the evening we went to the Ijmuiden harbour with the purpose of going offshore to visit Egmond aan Zee windfarm. It was a very nice experience that we finalized having dinner in a small restaurant in the port.

It was very great to see you all and to share this valuable moments with see. The adventure continues in EWEM!