Rotor Design track

The Rotor Design track allows students master the specific technical knowledge required in one or more of the sub-fields of Wind Turbine Rotor R&D.

The Rotor Design graduate

  • masters an in-depth understanding of the field of rotor aerodynamics, aero-elasticity and blade technology, both theoretical and experimental, alongside with relevant engineering methods and applications and a critical awareness of current issues and developments in the subject,
  • is able to apply and judge advanced analysis and design techniques in one elective profile: Aerodynamics, Structures and Design, Composite Design Material Production and Manufacturing.

Aerodynamics graduates

  • have thorough fundaments in aerodynamics, rotor aerodynamics, unsteady flows and both active and passive flow control, applied wind turbine aerodynamics and aero-acoustics, wind farm wakes, state-of-the-art experimental and numerical techniques and their R&D,
  • master the analysis and design of aerodynamic systems.

Structures and Composites

  • are knowledgeable of fundamental structural mechanics and mechanics of metallic, composite, and hybrid material systems
  • are skilful developers of analytical and numerical tools, from fast to high-fidelity solutions,
  • are trained to practice and improve multi-disciplinary design, analysis and optimization.
  • master the analysis, design and manufacturability¬†of advanced composite products with special attention to aspects relevant for wind turbines such as fatigue and sustainable production,
  • demonstrate¬†competences in the field of conceptual design, manufacturing techniques and selection of advanced composite materials.

List of Courses

The student workload is 30 ECTS credits per semester. At DTU it is not possible to obtain more than 30 ECTS per semester (or 60 ECTS in total for Rotor Design students during the study programme). At TU Delft you have the possibility to obtain more than 30 ECTS per semester.

Specialization Aerodynamics:

Option 1

Option 2

Specialization Structures and Composites