Technical University of Denmark

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has been engaged in wind energy research and education since the 1970’s and offers a dedicated M.Sc. programme since 2001. Wind energy-related activities are carried out in three main departments, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and the Risø National Laboratory,  and deal with aerodynamics, structural mechanics, aeroelasticity, electrical engineering, maritime engineering, power electronics, boundary layer meteorology and systems integration. The research staff involves about 120 researchers and 50 Ph.D. students, with an annual publication rate in peer-reviewed journals of about 100.

DTU research programme benefits from the partnership with many important actors in the wind energy industry, particularly through the Risø National Laboratory. Design tools such as Flex5 and Hawc and prognosis tools such as WasP, which are used by wind turbine manufacturers worldwide, have been developed at DTU. Currently, DTU is considered as a leader in the areas of wind turbine aerodynamics, aero-acoustics and optimization.


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