Wind Farms and Atmospheric Physics (Wind Physics)

The Wind Physics student is required to accomplish an average of 30 ECTS per semester by taking mandatory as well as elective courses adding up to at least 120 ECTS for the complete master (DTU does not allow for obtaining more than 124.5 ECTS for the full master programme). Students need to get the approval of their complete course list by the track coordinators of both universities awarding the degree. An overview of the courses offered within the Wind Physics track is provided below.

Note: the listed electives courses only represent pre-approved courses by the track coordinators. Students are always invited to check the elective courses available at their universities and ask for permission to join any elective of their choice.


30 ECTS courses @DTU

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Mandatory ECTS
46300 Wind Turbine Technology and Aerodynamics 10
46100 Introduction to Micro Meteorology for Wind Energy 5
02425 Diffusions and Stochastic Differential Equations* 5
41129 Turbulence Theory* 5
46200 Planning and Development of Wind Farms (January) 5
10333 Physics of Sustainable Energy 5
02417 Time Series Analysis 5
02407 Stochastic Processes 5
46211 Offshore Wind Energy 10
*Courses 02425 and 41129 could either be taken in semester 1 or 3.

30 ECTS courses @UOL

Mandatory   ECTS
n.a. Research Project EWEM (Winter Break) 9
5.04.4072 Computational Fluid Dynamics I (CFD I) 3
5.04.4074 Computational Fluid Dynamics II (CFD II ) 3
5.04.4071 Fluid Dynamics II 3
5.04.4065 Advanced Wind Energy Meteorology 3
5.04.4234 Wind Physics Measurement Project 3
5.04.4236 Aeroelastic Simulation of Wind Turbines 3
5.05.656 Seminar Advanced Topics in Engineering Physics 3

30 ECTS courses @DTU

Mandatory ECTS
02425 Diffusions and Stochastic Differential Equations* 5
41129 Turbulence Theory* 5
46211 Offshore Wind Energy 10
02407 Stochastic Processes 5
02417 Time Series Analysis 5
02427 Advanced Time Series Analysis 10
02610 Optimization and Data Fitting 5
46400 Wind Turbine Measurement Techniques 10
46500 Probabilistic Methods in Wind Energy 5
*Courses 02425 and 41129 could either be taken in semester 1 or 3.

30 ECTS thesis (free mobility)**

Compulsory DTU
Master Thesis 30
Compulsory UniOl
Master Thesis 30
** The master thesis is supervised by the two degree awarding universities.

Overview of courses which has been chosen, by previous EWEM students, as an elective


  • it is possible that the course doesn’t exist anymore or that the code has been changed
  • There is no guarantee that these courses will be accepted again as elective
2393 Programming in C++
2450 Introduction to machine learning and data mining
2610 Optimization and data fitting
2619 Model predictive control
10336 Fundamental problems in fluid dynamics
31200 Fundamentals of acoustics and noise control
41129 Turbulence Theory
41207 Thin-walled beam structures
41215 Plate and shell structures
41291 Non-linear modelling and analysis of structures and solids
41319 CFD
41515 Computational multibody dynamics
41516 Anisotropy and fiber composites
41526 Fracture mechanics
41822 Experimental fluid dynamics
42003 Energy Economics, Markets and Policies
42004 Feasibility studies of energy projects
46100 Introduction to micro meteorology for wind energy
46200 Planning and design of wind farms
46211 Offshore wind energy
46320 Loads, aerodynamics and control of wind turbines
46400 Wind turbine measurement technique
46500 Probabilistic methods in wind energy
46800 Research immersion
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