We would like to express our gratitude to ASE Aeolus for the collaboration with the interviews. This interview was carried out by Jorge Mendoza – Board member of ASE Aeolus in August 2016.

Name: Marcos Jerez
Age: 27
Nationality: Chileno
City where you were born: Talca
Background: Aerospace
Track: Rotor Design (Aerodynamics)
University where you studied: Universidad de Concepción

JM: Do you have some working experience previous to the programme?

MJ: Not really. My only working experience comes from the Aerospace Laboratory where I did my bachelor. I worked there for four year as a volunteer constructing and developing UAVs and drones.

JM: What does EWEM mean to you?

MJ: An opportunity to specialize in wind energy and contribute to change the current sources of our electricity.

JM: What were your first impressions when you arrived to Copenhagen?

MJ: Everything looked really expensive (hahaha). No, seriously. I got lost as soon as I arrived, but luckily I meet other lost students and we manage to get to DTU. Copenhaguen is a beautiful city, extremely organized and neat. Everyone is really helpful and have a great will to help you.

JM: How do you remember the beginning of the programme, the introduction week at DTU, meeting new people…?

MJ: That seems like ages ago! A lot has happened ever since. The introduction programme was great, it allows you to meet a lot of people, to get adapted to the new city/university, see all the attractions as a tourist and go out a lot; the Buddy system works really well. We still meet with the people from the first week. Besides it is really cool to go to the library (where you will spend a lot of time) knowing that you will meet friends there.

JM: What are your plans for the future? Working in a big/small company, PhD maybe or entrepreneurship?

MJ: I’m not considering entrepreneurship at the moment. In short term I want to earn some experience in a company or as a researcher. I’m a bit tired of studying after all these years and now that I’m doing an internship I realize that working is really fun.

JM: Where are you doing your internship?

MJ: I’m doing my internship in Enevate, a company/start-up that is developing a kite to produce electricity. I am working in a new concept for the launch and landing of the kite, the idea is to have a reliable and fully automated system.

JM: Do you know where are you going to do your MSc Thesis and what about?

MJ: At the TU Delft. The topic is still under debate, but it will be related with airborne wind energy. Maybe something with the optimization of trajectory of the kite or the aeroelastic behaviour.

JM: Tell me your best memory in the programme.

MJ: When we finished the first semester. I was working like crazy for a month (4 assignments, 4 exams and the last one was an oral examination). I remember the feeling of being free after finishing the first semester, and all the drinking involved as well (hahaha).

JM: Would you recommend to be part of ASE Aeolus? Why?

MJ: Absolutely, and not just be a member but participate in the activities and help in the organization. The programme is good and you learn a lot of technical skills; Aeolus aims to the other side, to the bonding between students, the learning of soft skills, and (a lot of) networking.

JM: Did you participate in the MDE (Multiple Day Excursion)? What are your memories from that experience?

MJ: Yes, in one sentence: it was amazing. Each day you go to a different company that will show you what they do and how, so you can form a pretty good idea of how the company works and compare them. Besides, you spend a week with a lot of people 24/7, some of them you know them really well, others not so much, and some you have barely see, but in one week you become friends with everybody. It was an awesome experience.

JM: What do you think about the future of energy? What do you think is the role of wind energy in that vision?

MJ: The role of wind energy is to supply, in a sustainable way and along with other renewable energies, the electric necessities of modern life. This means, for wind energy, going further, higher and lighter; like wind turbines in offshore support structures or kites that can harvest the wind at high altitudes.

JM: Do you plan to start your professional life in Europe?

MJ: Yes, at least for now; yes.

JM: If you could tell one thing to a prospect student, what would you say?

MJ: Ah, I don’t know right now and this is important (hahaha). There are many masters in wind energy, but this one is quite unique; for the universities, the people involved and the knowledge you acquire. You will experience, not only the two universities you go to (in my case), but also 4 tracks that have completely different people. You will learn many hard and soft skills that will help you a lot in your professional life and you will have a lot of fun while doing it.

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