We would like to express our gratitude to ASE Aeolus for the collaboration with the interviews. This interview was carried out by Irene Rivera – Board member of ASE Aeolus in August 2016.

Name: Nikos Frouzakis

Age: 26

Nationality: Greek

City where you were born: Thessaloniki

Background: Electrical engineering

University where you studied: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Track in EWEM: Wind Physics


IR: Do you have some working experience previous to the programme?

NF: Yes. WindSim in Norway. This was the key to get accepted to the master. It was a great experience, during which I had the opportunity of acquiring experience in the field of wind farm layout optimization (where to place the wind turbines), and obtaining experience with mesoscale data concept. It was a small office, where everything could be discussed, learning from people in the field (not only about technical aspects, but also ways of tackling the problem itself).

IR: What does EWEM mean to you?

NF: European Wind Energy Master (hahaha). Being always where wind happens.

IR: What were your first impressions when you arrived to Copenhagen?

NF: Great impressions (campus, intro week, courses). DTU is great, they are doing a really good work in wind.

IR: How do you remember the beginning of the programme, the introduction week at DTU, meeting new people?

NF: It was really fruitful, helped to feel comfortable in a new place, get to know people in your same situation. The day when courses started you didn’t feel you were in a complete strange environment, thanks to this introduction week.

IR: What are your plans for the future? Working in a big/small company, PhD maybe or entrepreneurship?

NF: I want to be in the business, developing projects, implementing the knowledge in daily innovative engineering problems.

IR: Do you know where are you going to do your MSc Thesis and what about?

NF: I would like to deal with offshore, wakes, CFD. There are very good options to have them combined.

IR: Tell me your best memory in the programme.

NF: That’s hard to say. MDE (Multiple Day Excursion) is probably the nicest memory that comes to my head right now. Choosing Offshore Wind Energy course was also a really nice choice as well, that reported me many good and at the same time, suffered, moments.

IR: Would you recommend to be part of ASE Aeolus? Why?

NF: Yes, definitely. I would have been involved anyway in an association like this as a member.

IR: Did you participate in the Multiple Day Excursion MDE? What are your memories from that experience?

NF: I met people that had never seen. I think it was a really fruitful experience that not only gave a very important academic component, but a personal one: getting together at the end of the day in such a nice house was one of the best points. So if I have to keep two memories from this trip: the house, and, definitely, the car I had to share with Roberto, Mareen, Maria and Irene.

IR: What do you think about the future of energy?

NF: There is a movement towards renewables, towards a transition, but I am sceptic about how sincere this movement is. I do not know if people want to turn into renewables. What do you think is the role of wind energy in that vision? Together with solar they are the most promising ones. Hopefully its role in this transition will be as big as possible.

IR: Do you plan to start your professional life in Europe?

NF: Yes.

IR: If you could tell one thing to a prospect student, what would you say?

NF: Choose the track depending on what you like, and not depending on the universities where it’s taught. Go for the track you like the most.

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