“Hi! While I was studying the bachelor’s degree in Renewable Energy Source Engineering (University of the Basque Country), I attended a summer course at Glyndŵr University. It was my first international experience before my Erasmus stay in Belgium. During these two stays, I realized how enriching is to study and live in a fully international and diverse environment, and so, I decided to study an international MSc program abroad.

I looked for information on the internet and found different MSc programs. I wanted to study in a worldly known university in the field of renewable energy (Wind energy being my favourite) and EWEM – Electric Power Systems Track was my first choice! TU Delft (the coordinator of the EWEM programme) is one of the most prestigious technical universities in Europe and in the world.

EWEM has given me a lot, professionally and personally. EWEM is a two years journey of continuous growth. Thanks to this program, I feel comfortable working in a changing environment (we were changing our homes and universities every semester), in a diverse team (EWEM students and professors are from all around the globe) and in a highly demanding environment (the universities which are part of EWEM are highly ranked).

Apart from the theoretical subjects, the students are faced with and solve different tasks, which are present in RE business. Moreover, EWEM students attend different workshops, seminars etc. and are constantly in contact with the industry. This is valuable and useful for the students, since it helps them to do networking with companies and professionals, and the students get a clearer idea about their career opportunities.

Being an EWEM graduate (Cum Laude) has helped me to boost my career and to open new doors. Since right after my EWEM graduation, I am working at a leading company which supplies wind power solutions to customers all over the globe. It is a key player and innovative pioneer in the renewable energy sector.

You can contact me for any questions you may have at ala.ewem@gmail.com (please contact EWEM@tudelft.nl for any questions related to administrative process). Thank you!”

Amaia Larrañaga


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